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Wyalusing's Derek Frederick Captures First Win

       Small Car Saturday at Dunn Hill 2 Speedway had some highs and lows
during their racing program.  S & A Construction and Excavation sponsored
the day activities.  Mother nature gave us a great day for racing without any
threat of bad weather.

       As the days program began the kart portion was first to hold their
features.  Super Seniors found Rodney McConnell taking home the
checkered flag over current points leader Bren Lattimer.  Dale Anderson
finished in the third position.  That will tighten up the race for the points
championship as McConnell was only four points behind the Lattimer

       Rookie Purple found Doug Newbiggings capturing his 6Th feature win.  
This tied him with second place Conner Davis who was not in attendance on
Saturday.  This division's points race will also tighten up as Caleb Hadlock,
Kaela Vanderpool finished in second and third.  Cam Molyneux in his
second start in this division finished an impressive fourth with Jack Maby in
fifth.  Jack did not finish the feature after suffering a mechanical problem.  
Trever Green was in sixth after a mechanical problem sent him pit side as

       Sportskid division current points leader Keith Lamphere was making
sure he kept his points lead.  Keith who was not feeling well captured a very
competitive feature event over Dom Rogers.  Dom and Keith battled hard for
the top spot and it came down to the last lap with Lamphere taking the win
by a small margin.  Third went to DJ Knolles, fourth to Tamara Burkholder
and fifth was Mackenzie Doyle.

       The still growing Novice Blue division also had some specatular racing
on Saturday afternoon.  Going into the feature event Seth Anderson trailed
Cody Kershner by nine points for the championship title.  Both of these
youngsters made it known that they wanted the top spot.  They battled hard
with Jacob Doyle joining in the fight.  When the checkers flew it was Seth
Anderson recording win number five of the season.  Cody Kershner was
second, third was Jacob Doyle, fourth was Craig Smith and finishing in fifth
was Mitch Maynard.

       Sportsmen division it was Doug Lantz capturing win number 12, over
his nephew Keith Lamphere.  Rich Vanderpool recorded a third place finish,
with newcomer Trevor Williams in fourth.  This division is a great one for
someone who wants to race on a budget.  It is a sealed motor that keeps the
teams working to get the handling correct.  As the racing winds down Doug
Lantz will have his work cut out for him.  Anyone of these competitors can
steal the win away from the current points leader.

       Animal division found Bob Coveney the current points leader racing
with the championship on his mind.  Wayne Miller recorded his second win
with Nick Bruce finishing in second.  Bob recorded a third place finish, while
Zack Bruce who is currently second in points did not finish the event.  Bob
Coveney only has on feature win during the season so far.  His consistent
finishes and patience while racing has allowed him to keep a twenty six
point lead going into Saturday racing program.

       The Flathead and Stock Appearing Clone divisions raced together.  It
was Wayne Miller recording his second feature win in the SAC division.  
That would move him into second place in the points race, behind Mike Ely
who was not in competition on Saturday.  The Flathead division racing once
again find Bob Coveney with the points lead over Carl Abbott.  Neither Bob
or Carl had a great day at the track.  They finished fourth and fifth respectfully
which will tighten up the race for the championship.  Grabbing his second
win in the Flatheads was Mark Abbott.  He was closely followed across the
finish line by Rodney McConnell.  Rodney brought out an old kart that he had
previously won a championship with wearing his dad racing number.  IMCA
mod competitor Shawn Bruce recorded and impressive third place finish in
his second appearance.  It was apparent that Shawn enjoyed himself as he
was all smiles after the feature event.

       It was on to the Micro and Slingshot portion of the day racing program.  
Rookie 270 Micro's were scheduled to run twin 15 lap feature events.  It was
Brent Heeman who captured both of the feature events.  Brent now has three
feature wins and will move him up in the points race.  The rest of the top five
from the first 15 lap feature included Allen Carnrike, Scott Dean, Alex
Shaffer and Darcy McGee.  The second 15 lap feature found Allen Carnrike,
Darcy McGee, Scott Dean and Alex Shaffer rounding out the top five.  It was
great to see these drivers show cased in a special race, as they all ran a
strong and clean race.

       The regular 270 Micros found Denny Rinehimer back in victory lane,
after a mechancial failure cost him last weeks feature.  Following Denny
across the line were last weeks feature winner Mark Wurzler, John Heeman,
Kyle Traver and Bobby Maynard.  That is Rinehimer's 7Th feature win in
eight visits to the track.  It will also tighten up the points battle between
current points leader Bobby Maynard and Mark Wurzler.  Going into
Saturday nights program Bobby had only three points over the Wurzler

       The 600 Micro division has been putting on some of the best racing this
season.  Each week anyone of the competitors on hand are able to capture
the checkered flag.  That is exactly what happened on Saturday night.  
Rookie driver Derek Frederick held off the current points leader Nick Wood
to record his first feature win.  This youngster has come up through the ranks
showing everyone he was capable of winning.  He held off Nick on the
restarts and opened up just enough of a lead that Wood could not catch him.
 It was an impressive run for Derek who has only been in this micro for about
seven races.  Rounding out the top five were Collin Hadlock in second,
Bennett Lennox in fourth and newcomer Kyle Pierce was fifth.  It was great to
see some new faces in this division giving the fans something to talk about.

       The Allstar Slingshots found Carl Bittenbender capturing his eleventh
win of the season.  The action was red flagged as Cliff Molyneux took a wild
ride coming off the fourth turn.  His slingshot climbed the wall and flipped on
the front stretch.  Coming to rest on its side, the track crew righted the car.  
Cliff was injured with a cut above his elbow and a possible broke right arm.  
Everyone acted quickly and got him out of the car.  He was transported to
the local hospital and is in good condition.  He did break his right arm and
will be having surgery later this week.  Everyone was concerned and he did
give a way to the crowd letting them know he appreciated it.  When the race
resumed the battle behind the Bittenbender machine was fierce. Dalton
Maynard who had run in second for most of the race went pit side late in the
event with a flat tire.  Alex Shaffer took over second with Kamdin Maby in
third.  With four laps left in the featue event Alex Boughton took the third
position.  He was hoping to catch the Shaffer machine, but ran out of laps.  
When the checkers flew Carl was in first, with Alex Shaffer in second, third
was Alex Boughton, fourth was Kamdin Maby and rounding out the top five
was Skylar Middendorf.  It was a night of excitement and concern, after the
crash.  The track officals express their hopes for a speedy recovery for Cliff

       Next Saturday there is a change in the schedule.  It was written that
Graphix By Billy would be sponsoring a Slingshot Appreciation Race.  That
is a misprint on the schedule, and will not take place.  Any slingshot
participating in Saturdays event will have to pay their entry fee.  We are sorry
for any problems this may have caused.  The rest of the racing program will
be a regular show for all divisions with the trophy sponsor being D & J
FOTOS.  Gates open at 2pm with hot laps at 4pm, for more information visit
our website at www.dunnhill2speedway.com.  Be sure to come and check
out all the future racers at the track that shows, "How dirt track racing is



SUPER SENIOR: RODNEY MCCONNELL, Bren Lattimer, Dale Anderson

Vanderpool, Cam Molyneux, Jack Maby, Trever Green

SPORTS KIDS: KEITH LAMPHERE, Dom Rogers, DJ Knolles, Tamara
Burkholder, Mackenzie Doyle, Kylie Fenstermacher, Larisa Terry

NOVICE BLUE: SETH ANDERSON, Cody Kershner, Jacob Doyle, Craig
Smith, Mitch Maynard, Shaylee Stowell, Riley Gowin, John Schrader

SPORTSMEN: DOUG LANTZ, Keith Lamphere, Rich Vanderpool, Trevor

ANIMALS: WAYNE MILLER, Nick Bruce, Bob Coveney, Zack Bruce


FLAT HEAD: MARK ABBOTT, Rodney McConnell, Shawn Bruce, Carl
Abbott, Bob Coveney


600 MICRO: DEREK FREDERICK, Nick Wood, Collin Hadlock, Bennett
Lennox, Kyle Pierce, Adam Nicholson, Dustin Jochum, Bobby Maynard, Eric

270 MICRO:DENNY RINEHIMER, Mark Wurzler, John Heeman, Kyle Traver,
Bobby Maynard, Dan Wertman, David Perry Jr., Tim Aberant

Scott Dean, Alex Shaffer, Darcy McGee, Kelsi Jenkins

Darcy McGee, Scott Dean, Alex Shaffer, Kelsi Jenkins

Boughton, Kamdin Maby, Skylar Middendorf, Tom Johnson, DNF: Dalton
Maynard, Cliff Molyneux, Kevin Griffith, Alex Boughton