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Lots Of Excitement On The Dunn Hill 2 Speedway Track

      Friday nights racing sponsored by S & A Construction gave
the fans something to talk about.  Once again side by side racing in
all divisions had them on their feet cheering on their favorites.  The
first of three makeup features for the Mini Stocks was included with
the regular show.

      The Mini Stock rained out feature from July 27Th made their
way on to the track.  When the green was dropped it was Josh Hall
grabbing the lead.  He held on until lap four when JR Bush stole it
away.  The battle for the top spot heated up as Tyler Belcher
worked his way into second.  He set his sights on the top spot and
bringing home the win.  A caution came out on lap eleven just as
Tyler grabbed the lead.  On the restart Tyler knew he had his work
cut out for him if he was to keep the lead.  JR Bush and Tyler
raced hard side by side during several of the closing laps. Tyler
managed to hold off JR to capture his fourth win of the season.  JR
Bush, Josh Hall, Shane Brown, and Mike Koser rounded out the
top five.

      Current points leader Eddie Sites continued on his winning
way holding of his brother Brad for win number nine.  It was a great
battle in this early laps as Aaron Benjamin took the lead on lap
one.  Harry Ely moved by the Benjamin machine on lap two for the
lead.  On lap three Eddie made his move around the Ely machine.  
Eddie never looked back and went on to bring home the checkered
flag.  Brad Sites battled his way to the front into second, but was
not able to catch Eddie.  Ray McClure and Harry Ely battled for the
third and fourth positions, finishing in those spots respectfully.  
Chad Ely finished in fifth after being involved in an early race

      Front Wheel Drive division found the ladies, Karlie McKernan
and Donna Belcher bringing the field to the green.  Devon Bailey
took the lead on lap one, with Nick Wesneski on his bumper.  By
lap two Nick had the lead with Andrew Dorman on his rear bumper.
 Nick and Andrew battled hard for the top spot.  Andrew did steal
the lead away for two laps, but Nick regained the lead after the
Dorman machine went pit side.   When the checkers flew it was
Nick Wesneski capturing win number six.  Trevor Williams came
across second, but did not make it through post race tech
inspection.  Second went to Kory Lewis, third went to Devon
Bailey, Mike Ely was fourth and Troy Kinner was fifth.

      Street stocks made came on to the track with Bruce Benjamin
and Kim Vosburg making up the front row.  Jason Benjamin
grabbed the lead only to have it taken away by Bobby Hall Jr., on
lap two.  By lap three it was Ernie Martin looking to record his
second win of the season.  Ernie and Jason Benjamin battled hard
for the top spot.  Martin maintained the lead as Rich Sharpsteen
worked his way into second challenging Ernie for the lead.  Rich
tried all he could to get around the 13M, but a flat tire sent him pit
side dashing his hopes for the win.  Ernie held off the late race
charge from Ricky Davis to record his second feature win of the
season.  Ricky Davis was second, Nick Robinson in his backup car
was third, Kurtis Benjamin was fourth and in fifth was Bruce

      The Factory Stock division is heating up as the weeks of
racing wind down.  Justin Young and Chad Roberts brought the
field to the green flag.  Roberts grabbed the early lead, but it was
Stan Matthews who stole it away on lap three.  The car to watch
was the number 15 of Mike Mente who started in the back row of
the feature.  He worked his way through the field with patience into
second and tried to catch the Matthews machine.  Mike and David
Ackley battled for the second position giving Stan the ability to
open up his lead.  When the checkers flew it was Stan Matthews
back in victory lane with David Ackley, Mike Mente, Allen Carnrike
and Chad Benjamin crossing the line.

      Mini stocks were ready for their second feature of the
evenings program.  Could Tyler Belcher record his second win of
the night, or would someone new visit the famous victory lane?  
Justin Hall and Mike Navone paced the field to the green.  It was
Justin who grabbed early lead holding off the JR Bush and Tyler
Belcher machine.  Justin's brother Josh was looking to take away
the top spot.  By lap seven he made the pass around him for the
lead.  Josh and Tyler battled hard for the win for the rest of the
feature laps.  When the checkered flag fell it was a first time winner
as Josh Hall pickup the win.  Finishing in second was Tyler
Belcher, third was Justin Hall, fourth was Matt Benjamin and Mike
Koser rounded out the top five.

      Coming up this week the evenings race program will be
sponsored by D & J Fotos.  The Front Wheel Drive division will
have it's make up race from the 27TH of July.  There will be a
regular programs and a street stock mechanics race.  Gates open
at 5pm with hot laps at 7pm.  For more information visit the website
at www.dunnhill2speedway.com.


Josh Hall, Shane Brown, Mike Koser, Mike Navone, Travis Parks,
Ed Navone, David Burdick, Justin Hall, Allen Blackwell, Matt
Benjamin, Ryan Bennett

IMCA MODS: EDDIE SITES, Brad Sites, Ray McClure, Harry Ely,
Chad Ely, Victor McNeal, Logan Terry, Jake Maynard, Aaron
Benjamin, Bryan Dodge, Sonny Terry, Matt Sobiech, Rich Howard.

Bailey, Mike Ely, Troy Kinner, Trevor Belcher, Travis Forrest, Josh
Bailey, Tyler Belcher, Dan Worthington, Andrew Dorman, Karlie
McKernan, Ray Greene Jr., Brad Benjamin, Donna Belcher,
Brandon Hillyard, Trevor Williams(dq'd)

STREET STOCKS: ERNIE MARTIN, Ricky Davis, Nick Robinson,
Kurtins Benjamin, Bruce Benjamin, Chuck Murray, Kim Vosburg,
Tom Savercool, Rich Sharpsteen, Bobby Maynard, Bobby Hall Sr.,
Steve Sharpsteen, Jason Benjamin, Bobby Hall Jr.(dq'd)

Mente, Allen Carnrike, Chad Roberts, Tim Fletcher, George
Briegel, Kevin Garland, Justin Young, Andy Casselbury

MINI STOCK: JOSH HALL, Tyler Belcher, Justin Hall, Matt
Benjamin, Mike Navone,  Mike Koser, Brett Gleason, Shane
Brown, Ed Navone, Josh Benjamin, Ryan Bennett, Clay
Westerfield, JR Bush, Donnie Burgess, Travis Parks, Eric
Ellsworth, Allen Blackwell